Bonjela Mouth Ulcer Gel


Active Ingredients

Choline salicylate 87mg/g (8.7% w/w).

Inactive Ingredients

Contains alcohol and saccharin. Contains cetalkonium chloride as a preservative.

Product Description

Bonjela is a pleasant tasting gel that provides fast-acting, soothing relief from the pain and discomfort of mouth ulcers and sores, dentures and teething pain.

Directions For Use

Wash your hands, apply enough Bonjela to cover the tip of the index finger (about a pea-sized amount) and massage into the affected area. This can be repeated after 3 hours if necessary. Do not apply more often than once every 3 hours. No more than 6 doses should be given in 24 hours.

Warnings & Cautions

Reckitt Benckiser.

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