Cancellations, Refunds, and Returns


You are able to cancel your order, but there is a narrow time period where this is possible. As we ship orders as soon as we can, there may only be a period of an hour or two where you may be able to contact us before we ship your order, if you order close to our shipping time (around 4pm NZST). Once your order is shipped, your order cannot be cancelled.

Refunds and Returns

If you've ordered something by accident that you did not want, we'll refund you the value of the item provided that it is returned to us within 20 working days, and is still in a resalable condition (e.g. unopened, still sealed, packaging not damaged).

If we've shipped you something that is incorrect, we will refund you the shipping costs for you to airmail it back to us, and ship you the correct item.