Biomerica Prostate (PSA) Screening Test


Product Description

The Biomerica Prostate (PSA) Screening Test is an indicator of prostate health. In the latest available New Zealand statistics (2007), prostate cancer was the most commonly registered cancer, ahead of either colorectal or breast cancer. The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia's position is that "The blood levels of Prostate Specific Antigens are currently the best readily available biomarker for detecting prostate cancer." The Biomerica Prostate (PSA) Screening Test is a simple at home visual test to detect abnormal levels of PSA using a finger prick blood sample. Visual results are provided in 10 minutes. There is no need to send anything to a laboratory.

PSA is a protein which is released in to the blood in very low levels. Elevatedlevels of PSA may be associated with an enlarged prostate or in some cases itmay indicate the possible presence of prostate cancer. There are sometimesother reasons for elevated PSA so it is important to discuss a positive resultwith your doctor.

Men should be encouraged to talk to their GP about prostate health. The Biomerica Prostate (PSA) Screening Test is primarily for those who are reluctant to do so. This simple test allows men to screen themselves in privacy and may lead to earlier detection. This test has an accuracy of 96.2% (detects PSA as low as 4ng/mL).

Directions For Use

This test uses a finger prick blood sample. Included in the pack is everything you need to perform the test including an alcohol swab, finger stick device, dropper, test device and test solution. Perform this test only when you have read the directions in the instruction leaflet included inside the pack carefully.

Warnings and Cautions

This is a screening test only. It does not replace seeing your doctor for full testing and diagnosis. The trend in actual PSA level is important. Although the test is accurate in detecting PSA levels, some false negative results may occur. It is possible to have a low PSA reading and have prostate cancer. If you have any concerns about your prostate, even if you have a negative result, please talk to your doctor. A positive test does not mean that you have prostate cancer; it shows that you have an elevated level of PSA in the blood which in turn can be further investigated and monitored by your doctor.

AFT Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

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