A-Lices Malathion Lotion

Active Ingredients

Malathion 0.5%w/w.

Inactive Ingredients

Chlorocresol 0.1%w/w as a preservative and citrus fragrance.

Product Description

A-Lices Malathion Lotion is for the treatment of lice and scabies.

Directions For Use

For head lice and pubic lice:

Apply to the affected areas and leave for 8-12 hours, then wash off.

For scabies:

Ensure the skin is clean and dry. Apply the lotion to the whole body below the neck paying particular attention to the folds, creases and under the fingernails. Leave for 24 hours and then wash off. A second application can be made after 7-10 days if necessary.

Warnings and Cautions

Store below 30 degrees C.

Distributed by AFT Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland for HOE Pharmaceuticals Sdn.Bhd., Malaysia.

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