Lanate Creme

Active Ingredients

Lactic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Product Description

Lanate Creme has been specially developed in conjunction with dermatologists to give your skin a smoother, more revitalised appearance. Our skin begins to lose moisture from the moment we are born, so just growing older can cause dry skin. Exposure to the Sun and wind causes dry skin, as does exposure to air conditioning, heating, harsh soaps and strong detergents. Hot baths and showers can also strip moisture from our skin. When skin drys outit becomes rough and less flexible. It may also become scaly and cracked. Lanate Cream is specially formulated, containing 17.5% ammonium lactate, to revitalize dry skin to give a smoother, more natural appearance.

Alpha hydroxy acids moisturise skin by reducing water loss and drawing additional moisture deep into the skin. AHAs also have the ability to exfoliate the skin. This allows faster shedding of the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing new, healthier-looking skin to emerge. This results in a reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and an improvement in the general appearance of the skin.

Lanate Creme is a high strength cream suitable for all skin types containing a novel form of lactic acid. Lactic acid, and AHA, has been reported to be an effective naturally occurring humectant in the skin. It has beneficial effects when applied to dry skin, especially dry scaly skin.

Directions For Use

For best results, apply Lanate Cream to clean, dry skin and gently rub in. Recommended use – apply sparingly once or twice daily.

Warnings and Cautions

Distributed by Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

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