Lovely Smile Premium 3 in 1 Teeth Whitening Pen


Active Ingredient

Hydrogen Peroxide.

Inactive Ingredients

Potassium Nitrate, Peppermint Oil, Distilled Water, Calcium Fluorophosphates.

Product Description

This fantastic home whitening pen utilizes Lovely Smile's patent pending 3 in 1 gel. This advanced formula gives fantastic whitening results, desensitizes the teeth and remineralizes the teeth to make them healthy and strong.The Lovely Smile Premium 3 in 1 Whitening Pen will whiten your teeth in days while providing a refreshing mint flavour. It also balances the shade of your teeth bringing a universal shade to your smile which makes your teeth appear even whiter. The Lovely Smile Premium 3 in 1 Whitening Pen is very convenient to use and is very portable.

Directions For Use

Twist pen to dispense gel. Smile wide keeping lips away from teeth. Apply a thin layer of gel onto the teeth. Relax the lips and mouth after 30 seconds. Do not rinse the mouth or drink for 30 minutes. Use twice daily, preferably after brushing teeth.

Distributed by USL Consumer

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