Skincalm Cream 0.5% Hydrocortisone


Active Ingredients

Hydrocortisone B.P. 0.5% w/w.

Product Description

Skincalm Cream reduces inflammation and promotes healing, while soothing and calming the soreness and itching or irritated skin. Unperfumed and non-greasy, Skincalm Cream treats contact dermatitis caused either by irritant household products such as bleaches and detergents, or allergic reactions to e.g perfumed products and jewelery, and reactions to insect bites.

Directions For Use

For temporary relief of minor skin irritations, itching and rashes due to eczema, dermatitis, insect bites, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, jewelery, sunburn and prickly heat. Use sparingly on a small area 3 or 4 times daily, for a maximum of 7 days.

Warnings and Cautions

Reckitt Benckiser, Auckland, New Zealand.

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