Woodward's Gripe Water


Active Ingredients

Terpeneless Dill Seed Oil 4.6mg, Sodium Bicarbonate 105mg.

Inactive Ingredients

Nipasept Sodium as a preservative.

Product Description

Woodward's Gripe Water is the gentle way of relieving baby's wind and quickly eases hiccups and minor tummy upsets. Woodward's Gripe Water has been famous for over 100 years as a gentle method of relieving wind pains and minor tummy upsets in babies and young children, particularly at the difficult period when they are cutting teeth. Woodward's Gripe Water is alcohol free.


Dosage may be given during or after feeding, otherwise as required. Do not give more than 8 doses in 24 hours.

Distributed in New Zealand by SSL New Zealand, Auckland, NZ.

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