Body & Soul Essential Nutrients for Everybody


Active ingredients

Vitamin and Mineral Complex - delivers a quality, balanced source of vitamins (A, B, C, D and E), minerals, herbs, digestive enzymes and rich, green food sources such as spirulina, spinach and barley grass. A nutrient rish formula for wellbeing and energy.

B Complex - essential B vitamin and mineral formula for energy and stress support. Provides a blend of essential minerals such as selenium and zinc.

Omega 3 DHA - essential long chain fatty acids or "good fats" to support brain, heart, skin, blood, joint and cell health.

Antioxidant Complex - broad spectrum antioxidant to support the body's defence against free radicals and potential age and lifestyle related ailments.

Product description

Body & Soul for Everybody is a highly effective nutritional daily dietary supplement consisting of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It's a survival kit for your busy lifestyle! Body & Soul for Everybody is packed full of goodness in convenient twice daily (am and pm) sachets to maintain your essential nutrient balance everyday. One box of Body & Soul for Everybody contains 30 servings.


Take 1 'am' sachet every morning with food and 1 'pm' sachet every evening with food or water.

Warnings and cautions

Health & Herbs International Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand.
Body & Soul For Everybody x 1 $100.00