Merino Placenta Creme with Vitamin B5, C, E & Propolis


Active ingredients

Plant Placenta Extracts, Lanolin, Vitamins B5, C and E and Propolis.

Product description

Merino Placenta Creme is a refining eye and face treatment which reduces signs of aging by helping your skin look smoother, firmer and healthier. Merino Placenta Creme contains a rejuvenating blend of ingredients. Plant Placenta Extracts help to reconstruct the skin by stimulating cell renewal and slowing down the aging process. Lanolin is a natural oil extracted from sheep's wool which is very moisturising as well as having a barrier effect for the skin repelling dirt and water from entering the skin's pores. Vitamin B5 is a vitamin of great benefit for good skin condition, is non-toxic and is an anti-irritant. Applied to the skin, Vitamin B5 reduces the affect of environmental damages such as the sun. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that prevent free radicals (environmental pollution) from damaging skin cells, stimulates cell renewal, predomintantly collagen renewal and can help reduce age spots. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and has anti-aging properties. Vitamin E is a superior skin moisturiser, helping to reduce skin inflammation, increase tone, firmness, texture and circulation of the skin. Propolis comes from resin gathered by pollen collecting bees. Propolis acts as a disinfectant and as an antibiotic leaving the skin healthy and bacteria free. Propolis helps boost the moisturising properties of Merino Placenta Creme to maximum effect, increasing skin penetration.

Directions for use

Apply morning and night to face and neck.

Merino Skincare, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Merino Placenta Creme 50g pot x 1 $16.99
Merino Placenta Night Creme 50g pot x 1 $14.99
Merino Day/Night Gift Pack (contains 1 x Placenta Creme 50g, 1x Placenta Night Creme 50g & 1 x Placenta Eye Cream 15ml) $29.99
Merino Placenta Creme 50g pot x 6pk (no box) $69.99