Merino Lanolin Skin Creme


Active ingredient

Contains non-greasy fractions of natural Lanolin, blended with oils, waxes and glycerin.

Product description

The Merino range of skin care products has been proudly manufactured in New Zealand for over 20 years. Merino products contain nourishing Lanolin, the natural oil in sheep’s wool. The Lanolin is the sheep’s natural nourisher and protector against the extremes of its environment.

To understand the benefits of the Merino range of skin care products, an understanding of Lanolin's unique qualities is helpful. Lanolin is the precious oily secretion from the skin of the sheep that becomes trapped in the sheep’s wool. When the sheep is shorn each year (the sheep’s wool is cut) the wool is washed, processed & the Lanolin Oil extracted & refined. These oils of Lanolin are extremely similar to the natural oils that we secrete from within our own skin. Thus Lanolin is the only animal (human compatible) oil obtainable without having to kill or harm the animal.

While most moisturising creams and lotions use either vegetable or mineral oils as their base oils, they do not have Lanolin’s compatibility to the oils of our skin. Merino use some mineral and vegetable oils as supplements, however, in our opinion, Lanolin forms the greatest replacement of our endlessly leached skin oils due to our environmental harshness (such as pollution) and modern way of life (air-conditioning, etc).

Merino Lanolin Skin Creme has excellent barrier properties. It prevents skin being leached of its natural moisture and oils. It is especially recommended for use on hands before undertaking manual tasks such as gardening, fishing, labouring or farming. Merino Lanolin Skin Creme can be applied to other areas of dry skin such as the face and neck and for more mature skin as a night creme.

Other benefits and uses for Merino Lanolin Skin Creme:

Directions for use

Apply daily to soften hands, cracked heels and elbows or anywhere where the skin is dry or dehydrated. Also helps to repair damaged and dry skin irritation.

Merino Lanolin Skin Creme is available in a 50g/100g tube and 100g/200g/500g pot.

Merino Skincare, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Merino Lanolin Skin Creme 500g POT x 1 $23.99
Merino Lanolin Skin Creme 200g POT x 1 $14.99
Merino Lanolin Skin Creme 100g POT x 1 $9.99
Merino Lanolin Skin Creme 50g TUBE x 1 $7.99
Merino Lanolin Skin Creme 100g TUBE x 1 $10.99
Merino Lanolin Skin Creme 240g PUMP x 1 $15.00