Blis K12 Daily Defence

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Active Ingredients

Streptococcus salivarius K12 (1.25 billion cfu/dose)

Inactive Ingredients

Isomalt, tabletting aids, vanilla or strawberry flavour.

Product Description

Blis K12 Daily Defence contains Blis K12, the world's only probiotic for the mouth and throat which has been shown to maintain throat health by supporting the throat's natural defences against undesirable bacteria for 30 days. Blis K12 Daily Defence is a natural throat defence lozenge ideal for families, kids at school and people in the workplace. Blis K12 Daily Defence has been developed to provide long term defence for the health of your throat. Blis K12 Daily Defence is avilable in strawberry or vanilla flavour.


For daily maintenance of throat health, slowly dissolve one lozenge on the tongue. Use Blis K12 Daily Defence as a precautionary health measure to help prevent common throat conditions associated with the winter season. In times of high need, take a maximum of four lozenges a day. One dose equals one lozenge.

Warnings and Cautions

Blis Technologies Limited, Dunedin, New Zealand.
1 x Blis K12 Daily Defence - 30 Vanilla Lozenges $14.50
1 x Blis K12 Daily Defence - 30 Strawberry Lozenges $14.50