Scholl Party Feet Blister Plasters


Unfortunately this product is no longer available.

Product description

Scholl Party Feet Blister Plasters are made from an invisible gel which provides immediate pain and pressure relief, cushioning protection and helps to create the ideal healing conditions for blisters by letting your skin breath while also keeping out dirt and bacteria. Scholl Party Feet Blister Plasters can be used to prevent blisters from forming. Because Scholl Blister Plasters are invisible, they are ideal for all high heals and sandals. They are waterproof and stay in place all day and all night. One pack of Scholl Party Feet Blister Plasters contains 3 large and 2 small plasters.


Ensure feet are clean and dry. Peel plaster from protective film using the blue tab. Apply sticky side down, centrally over blister and remove Scholl backing paper. Repeat until blister has healed.

Warnings and cautions

For external use only. Discontinue use and remove the plaster if excessive discomfort or irritation develops. If you suffer from diabetes or circulatory problems consult your healthcare professional.

Scholl, Auckland, New Zealand.

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