Silence Anti-snoring Spray



Phosphatidylcholine (plant extract), glycerin, carrageenans, Rosa canina (dry extract, rose hip), sucralose, sodium methyl parahydroxybenzoate, sodium propyl parahydroxybezoate, citric acid, mint flavour.

Product description

Silence Anti-snoring Spray presents the next generation anti-snoring product. A special diffuser delivers the unique mousse which coats the throat tissues and lubricates the pharynx mucosa walls. This reduces the vibration of the soft palate and the related snoring noise. Silence Anti-snoring Spray is clinically proven to be effective.

Silence Anti-snoring Spray is long lasting and remains active while you sleep due to it's special formula. Silence Anti-snoring Spray has a pleasant mint taste. One bottle of Silence Anti-snoring Spray contains 50ml which is one months supply.


Adults: Shake the bottle vigorously before use. Spray the back of the throat well for 1 second. Swallow. The spray a second time for 1 second. Swallow again.

Warnings and cautions

Unfortunately due to shipping restrictions, we are unable to ship Silence Anti-snoring Spray to anywhere outside of New Zealand. We cannot ship to any other countries, including Australia, Asia, USA, and Europe.
Pharmalink Pty Ltd, Australia.

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