Nasaclear Nasal Spray - Generic of Flixonase (Flonase)


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Active ingredient

Fluticasone Propionate 50mcg.

Product description

Nasaclear Nasal Spray is for short term (3-6 months) prevention or treatment of allergies including hayfever. Nasaclear Nasal Spray provides non drowsy, once a day, 24 hour relief. One bottle of Nasaclear Nasal Spray contains 120 sprays. Nasaclear Nasal Spray prevents and treats:


It is effective in a wide range of allergies including those triggered by:



Directions for use

Shake gently before use. Adults and children over 12 years, spray 2 sprays into each nostril once a day.

Warnings and cautions

  • Nasaclear is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.
  • Do not exceed the maximum stated dose (200mcg/day.)
  • If symptoms persist after 7 days, see your doctor.
  • Discard bottle 3 months after first using.


See you doctor or pharmacist before using Nasaclear if:


  • You are taking other steroids, such as some asthma prevention inhalers.
  • You have an infection in your nose or sinuses.
  • You have had a recent injury or surgery to your nose.


Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand.

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