Omron De Luxe HJ109 Pedometer


Product description

The easiest exercise and form of enjoyment is walking. In order to work this into your life, Omron has developed the Omron De Luxe HJ109 Pedometer. Simply put in your personal data and start walking. You can see how many steps you have taken and how many miles/kilometers you have walked. It will track your total amount of steps, total distance and the calories you burned during walking. After 10 minutes of walking at a consistent pace the aerobic mode is activated. This aerobic mode helps you in building your health. Your daily totals are stored in the 7-day memory. Monitoring your personal exercise will surely result in a satisfactory feeling of well-being.

You may want to lose a few pounds or protect your heart from disease or keep your bones strong and your joints limber. Walking can do all this and more. A daily walk keeps certain cells (your immune cells) primed for action, ready to battle viruses and bacteria. In fact, some experts believe that walking may be one of your best weapons for fighting off infection and disease and getting on the road to a fast recovery. In one such study, a 45 minute walk (about 3 miles) increased the activity of certain immune cells by about 57 percent. The cells' activity level returned to normal about 3 hours after the walk.

Features of the Omron De Luxe HJ109 Pedometer:

* Step Counter

* Distance Counter

* Calorie Consumption

* Aerobic Mode

* 7 day Memory

* Digital clock

* Belt clip

Omron are a leading manufacturer of electronic medical and heath care products. Each product has undergone rigorous testing so you can be confident in the product's performance.

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