Scholl Flight Socks




Product Description

Scholl Flight Socks are a clinically proven graduated compression system to improve blood flow and help relieve leg discomfort. Flight socks compression level is 14-17mmHg. Scholl Flight Socks can help prevent the rsik of circulatory problems such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), swollen ankles, tired aching legs and treat and prevent superficial and early varicose veins. Long periods of inactivity, combined with the cramped conditions and dehydration which can occur on long flights, can cause a number of circulatory problems including DVT. Scholl Flight Socks offer the appropiate amount of clinically proven graduated compression to help blood circulation and help prevent the build up of excess fluid in the legs.


Scholl Flight Socks can be worn in place of normal socks throughout the flight. Always wear both socks and ensure that they are pulled up to just below the knee. Scholl Flight Socks can also be worn at any time to improve leg comfort.

Warnings and Cautions

SSL Australia Pty, Ltd, Victoria, Australia.

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