Panadol Rapid


Active Ingredients

Paracetamol 500mg.

Product Description

Panadol Rapid are fast absorbing caplets, absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Panadol Rapid caplets are 100 percent Paracetamol, which makes it very gentle on the stomach. Each Panadol Rapid caplet contains 500mg of Paracetamol, which makes it one of the most effective pain medications available. Panadol is suitable for asthmatics who are sensitive to aspirin and NSAIDs, breast feeding mothers, relief from cold and FLU like symptoms, and from the discomfort associated with a variety of temporary aches and pains. Included in this list of aches and pains is, Tension Headaches, Migraines, Period Pain, Arthritis, Backache, Osteoarthritis, Muscular Aches, and Toothache.

Panadol Rapid caplets are Gluten free, Lactose free, and Sugar free.


Warnings and Cautions

Panadol is a registered trademark of SmithKline Beecham (New Zealand) Ply Ltd

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