Mycota Powder


Active ingredients

Zinc Undecenoate Ph Eur 20.0% w/w and Undecenoic Acid Ph Eur 2.0% w/w.

Inactive ingredients

Maize starch, light kaplin (irradiated), perfume compound 11899 narom, industrial methylated spirit.

Product description

Mycota Powder is an antifungal and antibacterial powder for application to the skin, used for the treatment and prevention of athlete's foot.

Directions for use

Adults, children and elderly: each night and morning, wash and throughly dry the affected area and sprinkle on Mycota Powder (preferably after applying Mycota Cream or Spray). Ensure a generous application between the toes and each day wear clean socks or other hosiery dusted inside with Mycota Powder. Continue treatment for one week after all evidence of infection has disappeared. For prevention of athlete's foot, sprinkle Mycota Powder inside socks or other hosiery daily.

Warnings and cautions

Custom Pharmaceuticals Ltd, United Kingdom.

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