Bio-Organics Arthri-eze Forte

[prod] [prodimg]/images/products/bio-organics-arthri-eze-for.gif[/prodimg] [/prod] [div class=\"prodtext\"] [h3]Product Description[/h3] [p]Bio-Organics Arthri-eze Forte is a combination of natural oils, concentrated Celery and other herbs may temporariily relieve the pain and joint inflammation associated with arthritis, rheumatism and gout. The amino-sugar Glucosamine Sulfate has also been added to help assist in the management of osteoarthritis, while increasing joint mobility and helping to maintain joint cartilage.[/p] [/div] [div class=\"proddosage\"] [h3]Directions[/h3] [p]Take one capsule two to three times daily, or as advised by your Healthcare Professional. [/p] [/div] [div class=\"prodwarnings\"] [h3]Warnings and Cautions[/h3] [ul] [li]Derived from seafood including shellfish. [li]Store below 30 degrees celsius. [/ul] [/div]
MAyne Consumer products, QLD, Australia.

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