Betadine Cold Sore Paint

[prod] [prodimg]/images/products/betading-cold-sore-paint.gif[/prodimg] [/prod] [div class="ingredients"] [div class="prodactive"] [h3]Active Ingredients[/h3] [p]contains Povidone-Iodine equivalent to 10mg/ml available Iodine Ehtanol 3ml/10ml.[/p] [/div] [/div] [div class="prodtext"] [h3]Product Description[/h3] [p]Betadine Cold Sore Paint for the treatment of cold sores. If applied at the first signs of a cold sore (usually an itching or tingling sensation), Betadine Cold Sore Paint can help to check the infection.[/p] [/div] [div class="proddosage"] [h3]Directions[/h3] [p]Apply the Betadine Cold Sore Paint liberally to the affected area at least four times a day.[/p] [/div] [div class="prodwarnings"] [h3]Warnings and Cautions[/h3] [ul] [li]For external use only. [li]Store below 25 degrees celsius. [li] Do not use if hypersensitive to iodine. Avoid application over large areas. If irritation, redness or swelling develops, discontinue treatment. [/ul] [/div]
Faulding Pharmaceuticals, South Australia.

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